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T.I. appeared to question the timing of the recent rape allegations against Chris Brown in a recent Instagram post.

T.I. posts a screenshot of an article about Brown becoming the youngest ever artist to own his masters and captioned the post:

"First this... Then RAPE allegations?🤷🏽‍♂️#KingsCriticalThinking"

Some fans were not here for T.I.'s train of thought:

"@troubleman31 what a sad take. You’d never let him date your daughters knowing his past, so why are you going to defend him without knowing what happened? I highly doubt his new deal is known to more than .00001% of the population. Chris Brown is a low life. He’s had issues since he was 14. Pathetic take," a fan wrote.

"Please don’t caption this critical thinking. This is not critical thinking. This is you trying to form a conspiracy theory before know all the facts. I think it’s horrible that you would dismiss this as a lie before even knowing the truth. Shame on you for that. @troubleman31" another posted.

One fan commented: "Similar logic for bill and look how that turned out. Say less."

He then doubled down on his statement once it was revealed that Brown had been released from custody:

T.I. is being far more vocal about Brown's arrest than he has about the recent allegations against R. Kelly. Tip is usually one of the first to comment about such issues, but it's been crickets from him thus far.