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T.I. On 50 Cent Avoiding Verzuz Battle: I Understand If He Don't Wanna Get Down In The Mud!!

It seems that 50 Cent is backing away from T.I.'s Verzuz battle challenge, but the rapper says he understands why.

"New York is the birthplace of hip-hop; they have some of the most successful, most talented lyricists known to man -- But even though they have those lyricists -- If they were from somewhere else, they wouldn't have had the same success. If 50 Cent were from the Midwest, he'd be Nelly. Nelly got two diamond albums," he told Ebro and Rosenberg.

"I understand if he don't wanna get down in the mud, 'cause he's so accomplished now," he continued. "He's got so many TV shows, he got so many dope TV shows, and so many prosperous television deals that he just doesn't time to get down in the weeds and defend his catalog against the king, I understand. But as an artist, as a businessman -- he's extremely accomplished. But my catalog is doper than his."

Is he right?