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T.I.: My Catalog Is Doper Than 50 Cent's!!

Rapper T.I. is still chasing a Verzuz battle between him and 50 Cent, and the southern spitter seems certain that he'll blow Fif out of the water if they do ever go head to head.

"As far as our confidence, as far as our bankrolls go, we kinda neck and neck, whether he wants to [admit] it or not. And another thing, it's personality. I need somebody who has a personality that won't be so intimidated by my bravado," says T.I.

He continued, "I'm doper," said T.I. "I don't care who sold however many records, I don't care who has more number ones whether that means I'm up, meaning I have more number ones, more records sold, less records sold. Don't care about that. I think my catalog is doper." 

After T.I. challenged him, 50 laughed off the challenge. He was also challenged by Ja Rule but claimed that Ja was looking for clout.

Is 50 afraid to lose?