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T.I. & Jeezy Talk Ending Beef With Gucci Mane

Jeezy visited T.I.'s Expeditiously podcast, where they chopped it up about Jeezy's longstanding beef with fellow rapper Gucci Mane.

"There's a third member of the Mount Rushmore of trap music that either one of us don't really speak to or mention that much," Tip said, referring to Gucci. "What do you think is necessary to bring that sh*t together, if anything? And I understand we dealing with somebody that's temperamental themselves and our sh*t that we got with us versus their sh*t that they got with them makes it extremely problematic. But in the best case scenario, how could that sh*t happen?"

Jeezy did not dismiss the idea -- but he says that the conversation would likely have to be had in private and possibly involve others.

"I just feel like that gotta be one of them mafia backroom conversations, man," he said. "It gotta really be a convo. What I've learned over the years, man, is th*s shit big business. You know, people that went to Yale still do business with people that went to Harvard. So it's just one of them real convos, man. It's been decades."