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T.I. has once again spoken about his shameful allegiance with Iggy Azalea, this time claiming that the "Fancy" rapper switched up once she found out that white people liked her.

"I feel like she was meant to be great," Tip said. "As far as I'm concerned, I feel like when she found out white people liked her and she didn't really need Black people to like her anymore, she switched up, started acting different, made moves that I wasn't proud of, that kind of placed my reputation in the line of fire. And she was very arrogant about it. ... The raps were dope at first, you know what I mean? Of course, she," he continued seeming to imply that Iggy used ghostwriters.

"It was dope at first, and then she exposed herself so much. And I feel like it just kinda—it undid all the good that was done."

Is T.I. right to dog Iggy out for proudly promoting her for so long?