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Kodak Black does not know how to sit down and quietly take an 'L' and T.I. has once again had to address him after Kodak claimed that T.I. just wants first dibs on Lauren London.

But grown man T.I. had a perfectly good reason for calling Kodak out in the first place - Nipsey would have done the exact same thing for him if he were in his shoes.

"I see myself in this. And I only wanna handle him the way I feel that he would handle me. That’s it. If a muthaf*cka were to speak out and say something out of line about my old lady after my untimely demise, I feel like he ain’t just gon’ speak up—he gon’ pull up. And I owe him that same respect. I owe him that exact same respect, so I’mma go hard."

So, there's a fair chance that we are going to see T.I. pull up on Kodak soon.