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R&B singer Sza is not known for being the best vocalist. But she sounded terrible at her concert for Tidal last night.

Sza was performing in front of a live audience - and the concert was streamed over Tidal. According to fans on social media - she sounded like "an injured cat."

We're going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Sza has been suffering from vocal cord issues for months. In fact, this past summer there were rumors that she may never sing again.

Since there could be something medically wrong with her, she deserves to be cut some slack.

Here's the video, listen for yourself:

In May, after sharing that she was experiencing vocal issues, SZA told fans her voice was “permanently injured” in a series of since-deleted tweets. Then in June according to reports SZA withdrew from the TDE Championship tour due to swollen vocal cords. She initially explained, “I’m not sick my voice just won’t fucking work. If I don’t pause now I’ll be forced to pause permanently.”

She then later thanked the different medical teams who have helped her over the past weeks, tweeting, “I’m blessed to say my voice is not permanently damaged and i’ve been working daily to get back.” See her statement below. 

She tweeted at the time:

But perhaps it will never be the same in the studio versus OUT of the studio?