SZA Struggles To Sing . . . Her Vocals Are REAL SHAKY . . . At Coachella!!

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SZA preformed yesterday at Coachella — with Kendrick Lamar and all we can say is . . . she sounded SHAKY especially as she sung her "Black Panther" hit "All The Stars."

The performance was PAINFUL to watch. The 27-year-old, SZA was struggling to hit the notes, and she often failed.

Listen to SZA struggle singing:

According to USA Today, "The R&B singer-songwriter, SZA said she designed her Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival main stage set – which featured a campfire, swingset and Airstream – based on all the times her parents sent her to sleep-away camp. In addition to not noticing how she was the "only black girl," there, she said she didn't realize how much of an opportunity it was to get to know others."

This isn't SZA's first time performing at Coachella solo. In fact she performed back in 2016, and she brought Kendrick out back then too. We're sure you remember that SZA was nominated for FIVE Grammy's this year but didn't win one earlier this year. Despite giving a STRUGGLE performance out in the desert, hopefully SZA will get better with time. 

Remember she still has a WHOLE nother performance to do during Coachella Weekend 2, just next week.