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SZA has slammed beauty store Sephora after she had the cops called on her during a recent shopping trip.

"Lmao Sandy Sephora location 614 Calabasas called security to make sure I wasn’t stealing . We had a long talk. U have a blessed day Sandy" the 'CTRL' singer tweeted.

"Can a bitch cop her fenty in peace er whut" she added.

It's crazy because SZA used to work at Sephora before she became a global superstar:

"Basically, the most valuable thing I learned is that a lot of “organic” things are bad for your skin! Just because a product is “natural” or “vegan” doesn’t mean you won’t break out. There are so many natural and non-natural irritants, and some chemicals are actually nice to your skin, and some are hella chemical-y and mess up your complexion. It’s the same thing with price," she told Elle about what she had learned from her time working at the store.

"Some of the biggest skin issues I’d see were from really expensive brands that I can’t bash, because they’ll hate me forever. [Laughing.] But the bottom line is, most skin doesn’t need tons of stuff on it. Keep it as simple as you can, and use what you like, even if it’s not trendy. If it works for you, don’t apologize for it."

SZA fans have been trashing the Calabasas location in the reviews section.

Here are some of the reviews: