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SZA Reveals NEW FACE . . . What A Difference!!! (Alleged Face Lift And Freckle Removal)


Sza unveiled her new look - and wow she looks different. The top selling soul singer looks like a brand new woman, thanks to some very dramatic surgical procedures.

So what did Sza have done? Well comparing the above pic with the below one - it appears that the "Weekend" singer had a nose job, a chin implant, and freckle removal surgery - at a minimum.

Others are claiming that Sza may have undergone a complete facelift and skin lightening procedures as well.

While it's not clear EXACTLY what she had done, most onlookers are HAPPY with the changes that she made. Given all the surgeries - she looks like a completely different person.


SZA was plagued with problems this summer... in particular issues with her voice. Reports said that SZA damaged her vocal cords and had to take some time off from her summer tour to recover. There was even speculation that she may never be able to sing again. SZA came out and cleared up those issues, but apparently she received some other modifications as well.

In other news though...

The TDE Queen recently took to Instagram to thank her label and fans for pushing the incredible piece of music to a whopping amount of streams — 2.3 billion to be exact.

“Today I found out we 2.3 billion streams deep and a buncha other cool stuff,” the R&B starlet wrote. “I love my family. I love you all for pressing play at any time. Thank you for this journey @dangerookipawaa @iamstillpunch @rcarecords Thank you God for this existence.”