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The S*X DOLL Industry Just CHANGED FURTHER . . . Man Creates A S*X DOLL 'BROTHEL' . . . $50 PER SMASH!!!

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The s*x doll industry just got a lot crazier! New online reports are saying that a UK company is offering a new £50 service to men.

While the owner denies that he has created a "sex doll brothel," he is providing an opportunity for customers the chance to try out the models.

The company was launched last month, and owner Graham says he has already had “a few” customers try it out. For their money, customers can spend half an hour with the doll or £100 for an hour.

He told BBC Radio 5 live: “We’re hoping this is a test drive so that they would then go on to purchase one of our products.

“The aim of the game isn’t simply the use of the service.”

The dolls made available for a half-hour "testing and inspection" retail at £2,000 (over $2,800) with "life-like skin and realistic sexual organs."

Customers wanting to test drive one of the dolls must provide contact details and pay a £100 re-stocking fee. They can also purchase the doll after using it. He claims that up to 70% of his clients do not care whether the doll has been used before or not.

They then visit the unit where a key code gains them entry to a small room containing a bed. The room isn't anything fancy but on the upside; the doll IS dressed up in sexy lingerie.

This is not the first brothel of this kind. Sex doll brothels have opened in both Dortmund, Germany, and the Spanish capital of Barcelona last year.

How soon will it be before the United States gets its first sex doll brothel?