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Producer Swizz Beatz calls the high profile beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj "Nothing.'

The music industry veteran revealed this week that he believes the pair will be friends sooner than we all think.

"It’s just hip-hop. Hip-hop has always been controversial, competitive. It doesn’t ruffle my feathers. ‘Hip-hop was designed for the rebellious to express. It’s never been proper, it’s been about fighting and expression. Not that I condone violence but when I look at something like that – it’s hip-hop," he told the UK Metro.

"They’ll be friends this time next year. Look at Drake and Meek [Mill]. Look at 50 Cent and Fat Joe. This is hip-hop. ‘They get into it in that moment then everybody comes round to their senses because it’s an entertainment business. They’re not going to kill each other. It’s nothing," he added.

We hope so.