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The Swedish ambassador has spoken out about the recent arrest of American rapper, ASAP Rocky.

Karin Olofsdotter talks to TMZ about the circumstances somebody may be held without bail in their country.

"If a person is to be held in custody or remand depends on a lot of the things," she said. "If the sentence carries more than one year—if the crime possibly gives more than a year—and also if there's a risk of absconding, which means leaving the country. [Also] if the person hasn't presented the proper name and is not a resident of Sweden, so it all depends on the circumstances."

Despite TMZ reporter Van Lathan expressing concerns about Black people traveling to Sweden, she quickly dismissed the issue:

"I would say that [Black people] are more than welcome to Sweden, and actually Sweden is ranked top five countries in the world when it comes to rule of law," she said. "So I would say it's perfectly safe and people are of course more than welcome. The more Americans who want to come to Sweden, the better!"