Swae Lee got caught cheating by his girfriend - and he tried to SNITCH his way out of the situation.

When Swae's girlfriend confronted him, he tried to explain his dalliances by telling her that Gucci Mane and Chance the rapper cheated on their wives. Swae Lee's girlfriend recorded the conversation and posted it on social media.

Swae's girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz told TMZ ... she and the Rae Sremmurd rapper had been dating on and off for about 4 years, but now she says she's done with him for good. She calls their relationship toxic and says he's not worth it because she's done putting up with his cheating ways.

Rapper Swae Lee snitched on Gucci Mane and Chance the rapper. According to the Rae Sremmurd rapper, Gucci Man cheated on his wife Keyshia with "a billion h*es" before he eventually settled down. 

He claims that Keyshia "pushed through" Gucci's "h*e phase" and they eventually got married.


Swae Lee claims that Chance's wife and Gucci Mane's wife were "down b*tches" while their rapper husbands cheated on them left and right.

He tells the girl "I love you, and you'll be my wife one day if you can just make it through all this dumb sh*t."

Swae never explicitly cops to cheating, but says she needs to let him do his thing and NOT trip out. 

Unfortunately for Swae Lee, the girl is done with him. She posted the video online to embarrass and expose him to his fans.

Here's Gucci and Keyshia:

And Chance with wife: