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Swae Lee decided to give podcaster Joe Budden a piece of his mind over the weekend, after Joe criticized his new single, "Won't Be Late."

Joe made the following remarks on his podcast:

"I cannot believe these n*ggas gave us an Afrobeat. If there's two people that know that we don't any anymore Afrobeats from them, it's [Swae and Drake]."

He continued: "Now people think that I'm just the contrarian guy. It's not a good record. Are we in 2015? When did Drake's f*ckin' Afrobeats record come out? [...] This is pure laziness." 

Here what Joe had to say at around the 30-minute mark:

Listen to the track below.

Swae then tweeted a response:

And Joe then roasted him:

"We all like Swae Lee. So then shut the f*ck up, Swae Lee. We only don't love you when you ain't informed, and then you start clappin' back at some n*ggas that's doing their f*ckin' job, the way you doin' your job. I don't have to love every f*ckin' Swae Lee song. Hey, the record could work. It could be a huge hit, huge success, and some n*ggas could still not like it. That's OK. I'm so sick of this era of the sensitive artist. Shut the f*ck up."

Swae responded again, this time urging Joe to listen to the track again as he "might be a little slow."