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Man Escapes Handcuffs, Steals Cops Gun & Gets Into Shootout w/ Police!! (Graphic)


The San Diego Police Department released a very graphic video of a man who broke out of his handcuffs and found an officer’s back up gun. MTO News obtained exclusive footage and details on the incident.

It all started last week, when a hotel in downtown called the police and told them they had a man named Keith Bergman threaten someone with a knife.

The video shows the tense minutes between the time Keith got the gun and when he finally got out of the vehicle and tried to fight it out.


Police told MTO News: “The man was evaluated for being under the influence and placed under arrest. A search of his pockets revealed methamphetamine and five credit cards that did not belong to him. He was taken to police headquarters for processing.”

But that wasn''t all. Keith was able to get out of his cuffs and break through the Plexiglas and he found a bag belonging to one of the officers and he looked inside and found the officer’s back up gun. 

Finally he came out of the car and after getting hit was subdued by a canine officer.