Supermodel Duckie Thot Allegedly Caught BF Kofi Sirobe Cheating . .  BROKE UP!!

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Supermodel Duckie Thot and actor Kofi Sirobe have broken up, MTO News has confirmed.

For the past year, supermodel Duckie Thot and Girls Trip/Queen Sugar actor Kofi Sirobe were seen as one of the most beautiful couples in the world. They were couple goals - at least looks wise.

Well MTO News learned that the couple is officially over. One of Duckie's friends told MTO News, "That n**ga was cheating, with like 100 b*tches."

According to Duckie's friend, Kofi had been seeing multiple women behind her back, and the supermodel finally caught on.

If you look at Duckie's Instagram, she recently deleted all images of Kofi from her page.

But there is a silver lining - and a chance that the couple may still get back together.

Duckie's friend told MTO News that Duckie still loves Kofi - and might consider taking him back. Duckie's friend explained, "He has to beg, and get his life together - then maybe Duckie will take him back."