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Supermodel Cindy Crawford's Son Gets Covered In Gang Tattoos!! (Pics)

Supermodel Cindy Crawford's 20-year-old son Presley Gerber has been quarantining at his parent's luxury home in Malibu, MTO News has learned.

(see above video of him talking and acting like a gang member)

Pressley is a very unique man - with a unique sense of style. The privileged loner debuted two new tattoos while playing basketball shirtless on Thursday.


In the video, you can see that he has the number '310' in bold lettering across his chest and his other tattoo is a gun affixed to his left hip. Both tattoos are popular with Los Angeles gang members.

But those aren't Pressley's only tattoos. Take a look:


Why is the rich kid doing this? Presley's antics have caused concern among his parents, supermodel Cindy Crawford and businessman Rande Gerber.

Last month, an insider told Us Weekly: 'Presley is obviously going through a super rebellious phase right now'

'He is trying to get out of the shadow of his family and find his own way and create his own identity. He also likes the attention he’s been getting, even if negative, from his tattoo and recent posts.'