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Superhead EXPLAINS Her MOTHERING Style . . . She Claims That She Raised Her TEENAGE SON . . . To Be A 'FEMINIST'


Karrine "Superhead" Steffans has been doing the most PUBLICLY - all while raising a son. Well now the boy is 18 - and is an adult, and Karrine is giving some insight on how she raised the young man.

According to Superhead, she raised her son as a "feminist." She wrote in a recent article:

Along with traditional household know-how, my son has also picked up most of my feminist ideals, and has strong feministic views . . . As we prepare our lives for baby, my partner and I discuss the usual things like religion versus spirituality, daycare versus staying at home and traditionalism versus feminism, because the latter is just as important in our family planning as the former.

We couldn't imagine what it was like to be Superhead's son . . . at least now, she's giving us some insight.