Super Thot CELINA POWELL Is On The Run From Police . . . Hiding Out . . .With KATT STACKS!!

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Last week, news broke that Super Thot Celina Powell is currently wanted in Colorado for unspecified felonies. According to online reports, there is a reward out for her capture. Celina gained national notoriety when she slept with rappers Snoop Dogg, Akon, Offset, and Wake Flocka - then leaked images of them to the rappers' wives.

Well karma appears to be catching up with Celina. While she gained worldwide fame, she also got the POLICE ON HER TAIL. Some old crimes that she allegedly committed came to light - and now she's a wanted woman.

Now Celina is on the run, and hiding out with one of the only friends she has - former SUPER-THOT Katt Stacks. Celina is now reportedly staying with Katt, until her legal issues can be worked out.


According to a report from HotNewHipHop, "Though her name (and reputation) has echoed throughout the hip-hop community, Celina Powell has largely remained a periphery player in the game. She seems to possess an interesting ability to target and seduce rappers, and if her word can be believed, has amassed a list of conquests longer than the last five XXL Freshman lists. Judging from previous interviews, primarily with her homie DJ Akademiks, Celina seems to take pride in her ability to entice various rappers. In fact, Ak has played a pivotal role in providing her with a platform; she even did a pregnancy test live on his stream, and continues to speak on the ongoing drama via his Twitch stream."