R&B singer Summer Walker is currently going viral on social media - for wearing an "extreme" waist trainer. Walker proudly wears her waist trainer and now has an unnaturally small 20 inch waist.

Waist trainers, popular amongst Instagram models and now women at large, are dangerous - especially the extremely tight ones.

Studies have shown that wearing a waist trainer for a long period of time can harm your organs, misplace them and cause permanent damage. Extreme waist trainers may also limit blood and oxygen flow to your vital organs which can lead to dizzy spells and difficulty breathing.


So we hope its worth it for Summer.

Here's her new waist:


Summer Walker burst onto the music scene last year when she dropped her mixtape Last Day of Summer, with the lead single "Girls Need Love". The album was a huge success - so much so that Apple Music named her as its newest Up Next artist in 2019.

In January, she released her first EP titled CLEAR, consisting of four tracks of acoustic recordings and currently the "artist to watch" according to several music industry insiders.

About a month ago, Summer did an interview with Billboard, where her drastic waist was on full display:

Soon after a video from the interview was posted online, many couldn't stop talking about how slim her waist looked. "Wait a damn minute now... *zooms in* Alexa play Toni Braxton Breathe Again," one jokingly said, as someone noted that her waist "is way too much." There were people who pointed out that she "looked uncomfortable," while an individual commented, "She could barely move a muscle nvm breathe."

"Can she breathe?" someone else simply asked, with one other jokingly wondering, "Where's the rest of her body?" When one person said, "She can barely talk with that thing on," another chimed in, "Yesss that s**t catching every other breath." A user reminded her, "Sis you gonna kill yourself trying to achieve a bacon waist."