R&B up-and-comer Summer Walker and her producer boyfriend London On The Track went public with their relationship last week. And already, Summer is in embroiled in baby mama drama with London.

You see, London has a lot of babies and a lot of babies mamas. No one knows the exact number (possibly not even London), but we're told that he has at least 3 children, and as many baby's mother. And his youngest child is just 4 months old.

Anyway - here's the latest drama. Summer Walker Dm’d his BM Eboni and said she “feels sorry for” their infant daughter, Paris. Summer was accusing Eboni of keeping her daughter from London.

As you can imagine, Eboni was taken aback by her baby's father's new girlfriend talking about their child - and tried to set her straight.

Unfortunately for all, Summer decided to "take it there."  She threatened violence on Eboni.

Here is the back and forth: