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Summer Walker Sends London On Da Track More Shade

Singer Summer Walker is currently pregnant with producer London On Da Track's baby -- and she lets him know, and nearly weekly, that she's unhappy with his performance as a baby daddy so far.

And she's not done she recently hopped onto social media to throw more subliminals his way:

"N*ggas really be thinking being pregnant is a walk in the park," she wrote on her Instagram Story. "Lol I swear n*ggas have it so easy, they ain't gotta cook clean look good or birth no babies. all they gotta do is provide and now women self sufficient af so they barley gotta do that." 

She did not stop there: "And they ain't got no monthly periods.. ain't really gotta worry bout getting raped or kidnapped like dame being a n*gga is so eaaaassyyy."

Summer had also been going back and forth online with the producer's other baby mamas -- but since the start of the year, things have been relatively quiet between them.


Is she right? Do men have it easy, or is it the pregnancy hormones talking?