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Summer Walker & London On Da Track BREAK UP!! (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

MTO News is hearing reports that Summer Walker and her boyfriend, London On Da Track, may have split. And there's a lot of evidence supporting this. 

First off, the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Second, Summer Walker also took to Instagram Story to blast London. She posted the following under her Galactawhore account:

"I really thought this was gonna be a good year but it turned out to be the WORST YEAR EVER," she wrote. "Literally like the saddest day of my life. I have the worst taste in men, I like literally find my childhood trauma and then date it."


We're not sure what she means, but it seems as though this breakup could be the final split for the pair.

Summer made headlines last week after she publicly slammed Eliza Reign, the baby mama of Future. Summer took exception to reports that Eliza had filed for $53k a month in child support. Eliza clapped back that the amount was determined by the court, not her -- and that Summer should stick to music.