Summer Walker's public breakdown continues. A few moments ago she went on Instagram Live, and went on an expletive filled rant against people criticizing her recent behavior.


Here are the cliff notes on what she said:

First, she addresses the fact that she’s getting "bullied". Summer says that feels "hurt" that people think that she’s lying about her social anxiety. The singer claims that it’s not an act, and that she behaved weirdly at the Soultrain Awards because she has SOCIAL ANXIETY. 

She then turned her attention to the highest rated talk-show queen Wendy Williams is "bullying" her. She launches a very vicious attack against Wendy, in an attempt to body shame the daytime beauty.

Then Summer turns to her bathing. According to Summer every day she "washes her a*s, her p*ssyhole, and she brushes her teeth. She says that she just doesn’t like showers and  prefers baths, but she still does it DAILY.

Then she talked about her recent debacle at last night's Toronto concert. She sas that everybody that criticizes her regarding the Toronto concert are "disgusting f*cks". She says we don’t know "what the f*ck goes on behind the scenes". According to Summer, her sound people "f*cked up", and she had to fire her sound team twice. 

Summer also claims that she couldn’t find her passport, she had to fly to Las Vegas) to get a new passport and then to Toronto f the concert, and since she was already late - she only had 10 minutes to do her makeup. 

Summer claims that she didn’t even know that she was late, nobody told her that she was late and that if she knew that she was late she would've apologized but ''nObOdY tOlD hEr''

Also Summer told fans that she only spoke to Drake for two minutes, so he’s not the reason to why she was 4 hours late.

She ended her long rant by saying that "everyone and they mama has done a hoe bath once in their life."