Summer Walker and her producer boyfriend London On Da Track are back together again, after splitting up last week.

But their relationship seems to be full of drama.

Now it appears that Summer is fighting with Eboni, the mother of London's 1 year old daughter.

The two ladies were threatening each other over social media yesterday. And the women plan on meeting up, so that Summer can FADE London's baby mama.

Yeah, we know we - that sounds real "hood."

Here's the back and forth between the women. It all started when London and Eboni’s daughter turned 1 and Summer was at the birthday party. 

Summer recorded videos and took photos and posted them to her IG stories. 

London’s baby momma wasn't pleased. According to a person close to Eboni, she and Summer have beef - and Eboni previously told Summer not to be around her daughter.

Here's one of the pics of London's daughter with Eboni, that Summer posted.


Well Eboni responded with a low key threat to Summer, saying "We have no business to discuss." Typically when someone utters those words, violence follows:


Summer then subtly shot her own threat towards Eboni, by offering to "fly her out." Look:


Here's a pic of London's baby mama:

A few weeks ago the 23-year-old songstress revealed on social media that she has called it quits with the 28-year-old producer. Summer posted she is "single" and suggested London was a "male chauvinist" before adding that he is "a sweet man."

Walker wrote, "Single. Lol somehow I always end up with male chauvinist. I'm [an] alpha female so I guess when I think for myself/make my own decisions it's taken as disrespect... That was cute tho. God bless him he's still a sweet man deep down inside.

But, the next day the two got back together.