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Summer Walker Checks Jaguar Wright: I Ain't Never Been Touched!!

Summer Walker checked singer Jaguar Wright who implied that she had been molested since entering the music industry.

"One, I ain't never been 'touched,' I'm a child of God," Summer said in response to the Philly singer's claimed. "I'm highly protected and highly favored honey ain't nothing EVER happened to me, fortunately, I've been beyond blessed enough to never have to experience no sh*t like that."

She continued, "Two, a mf would definitely get clapped, knocked off, anyone who ACTUALLY knows me knows that."

Last week, Wright said:

"My advice to any female who wants to get into this business? Have a thick skin, do not drink alcohol. Never get high in front of anybody. Keep somebody close to you that you know at all times, Summer. Has anybody bothered to ask why she all of a sudden become claustrophobic and couldn't perform anymore? Because she had anxiety? Yeah, she got anxiety cause somebody touched her."

Wright continued, "I don't know it for a fact but I see it in – I know the sound. I can look in a woman's eyes and tell when she been touched. She don't trust none of the people she's around so she just gon' stay off the road, you see. Now for every name I could tell you that you know, I could give you about 55-to-1 of all the ones that didn't make it but got the stories. See those are the ones, those are the worse ones."