R&B singer Summer Walker has officially cancelled her tour. She went on Instagram today and announced that she is cancelling her current tour because of "anxiety."

According to Summer, she plans on doing "some" of the tour dates. But she didn't specify which tour dates she plans on honoring.

Summer's abrupt announcement comes just days after a recent meet-and-greet, where one of the singer’s fans took to social media to call the experience of meeting Walker “anticlimactic and disappointing.”

“Not only did she move the meet and greet last minute to after the show, the meet and greet itself was literally 5 seconds,” the fan wrote. “We were informed to have our phones out, ready with flash, and not to sit too close or touch her. She barely spoke to anyone, every couple of people she’d say ‘Hi.’ It was a big hurt piece for me because I really idolised [sic] her and her work. I knew she was an introvert and kind of closed off but there was no effort in this at all, whatsoever.”