R&B singer Summer Walker is really spiraling out of control. The R&B singer had fans in Toronto fuming - after she started her concert nearly 3 hours late.

And according to a person in the know - Summer was late because she was "crying hysterically back stage."

An insider told MTO News, "Summer was crying out of control - I mean snot coming out her nose and everything. She really broke down."

Eventually, we're told that the singer managed to pull herself together - and get to the stage. But that was nearly 3 hours late.

Recently, Summer candidly told fans- she's suffering from crippling anxiety, and other mental health challenges. But so far in her career she's managed to keep herself together, at least long enough to get through a concert.

After 2 hours of waiting outside in the freezing cold Canadian city, fans took to Twitter to share how upset they were.

"Summer walker Toronto show has not started lmao it’s 10:30 💀," one person wrote. Another tweeted, "I hope summer walker knows that toronto is the last city she needs clownin' her. hit the stage sis." 

Here are some of the tweets: