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Summer Bunni is claiming that she was "tricked" by producers of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, into becoming a home wrecker and side chick this season. 

In the current season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Summer Bunni is exposed as having an affair with married record producer A1 Bentley. That affair caused the end of the producer's marriage to R&B songstress Lyrica Anderson.

And their marriage ended at a very inconvenient time - when they had an infant child together.

Well Summer is claiming that producers' "tricked" her into entering into the affair - and then tried to make her "look bad" during the filming.

Here's what Summer had to say about it:


As Beyonce said, "Ashes to ashes and DUST to side chicks . . . . "

Summer Bunni's name was first dropped in the season six LHHH premiere episode when A1 was caught in a texting/Facetiming scandal with her. While he was sweating bullets over whether or not Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee would take the story public, his wife, Lyrica, was in the dark about it.

Until she wasn’t. 

News of A1’s infidelities were exposed online and of course she found out. With Summer Bunni at the center of the mess and their relationship already on the rocks, Lyrica and A1 broke up.

It should be noted that Summer Bunni is an aspiring rapper who was also in the middle of Cardi B and Offset’s relationship troubles. When those two split up, it was because of rumors going around that Offset cheated on Cardi with her and another woman. Summer Bunni continues to deny that one.