Sukihana From Love & Hiphop Sucks An Inmates Dirty Toes On Facebook!! (Graphic)


Sukihana from the hit VH1 series Love & Hip-hop is going viral today after pictures of her sucking on a man's toes hit Facebook. And it's not just any man's toes she sucking on - this man had on an ankle monitor!


And just when you thought that the situation couldn't be worse. The toes did not appear to be clean. Take a close up look at the toenail - it appears to have dirt and filth underneath it.

But hey, Sukihana must really love that man. And if it makes the two of them happy, then we're happy for them.

Next time though she may wanna cut her bae's toenails before sucking. That man's toenail looks like it could cut her tongue off at any moment.

In addition to being a Love & Hip-hop starlet, however, Sukihama is also a rapper and social media personality, originally from Wilmington, Delaware. 

She grew up in Atlanta. She rose to fame while through her posts on Instagram, and for her viral songs, such as "Blame Trina", "5 Foot Freestyle" and "Drug Dealer" featuring Cuban Doll. She has three children from previous relationships, the first she gave birth to at the age of 18.