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Jacob Knight, son of west coast legend, Suge Knight, has now thrown himself into the ongoing beef with Eminem, and dissed him on social media.

First, Jacob posted a pic of the Detroit rapper and captioned it, "This guy f*cking sucks."

Then he followed it up with a video saying, "Eminem fans be like: 'Mom I f*cking hate you, b*tch. I hate my life.' That n*gga f*cking sucks," he said.

Em recently made headlines after he dissed both Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon on Fat Joe's "Lord Above." Cannon, taking offense to the lyrics responded by releasing a diss track aimed at Em, claiming that there is a video floating around of Em giving another man fellatio. In turn, Em hopped on social media to demand an apology from Cannon.

It seems though that Jacob has chosen Cannon's side in this on-going beef. Take a look at his shots at Em below.