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Suge Knight SNITCHES On Chris Brown . . . Claims That Breezy's 'GANG ASSOCIATES' . . . Are The Ones Who SHOT SUGE!!!

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Former music mogul Marion "Suge" Knight is in jail facing a LIFE sentence, but he's still trying to get paid. But his lawsuit contains words and phrases that many in the streets would be considered snitching.

Suge Knight filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown, claiming that Chris was at least partially responsible for him getting shot at 1 OAK nightclub two years ago.

In the lawsuit, Suge blames Chris and 1 OAK Nightclub for not having better security in August 2014 when Suge was shot inside Chris Brown's party. Suge, who’s currently in jail awaiting trial for murder, calls out Brown in the suit … for being a “known gang associate” with a history of hosting events where violent incidents happened.

Wow, he called Chris a "known gang associate" in paperwork - is that SNITCHING???