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Subway Employee Wrecks Store To Be Signed By Meek Mill!!

A Subway employee wrecked the store he worked in to try and get rapper Meek Mill to sign him.

"At Meek Mill. Tell Meek Mill to sign me. Let him know, I'm trying to get signed to DreamChasers. F*ck all this Subway sh*t. F*ck all this Subway shit, bro. At Meek Mill, let him know I'm trying to get signed. I'm deadass. I'm done working at Subway. Deadass," he said in the clip.

"At Meek Mill. Let him know, DreamChasers, I'm not with none of this clout-chasing sh*t, bro. All of this clout-chasing sh*t is temporary, bro. Deadass. I don't want to do this. I really don't want to be doing none of this," he continued.


In the comments section, people said he was clout chasing and that he also may have made himself unemployed which isn't very smart. His stunt has not yet earned him a deal from DreamChasers.

Should Meek Mill sign him?