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STUNTIN' ON EM!!! Indian Billionaire Found A NEW WAY TO STUNT . . . He Has A Different ROLLS ROYCE . . . To Match ALL HIS TURBANS!! (PICS)


This London-based Sikh businessman is ballin' out of control, and social media is here for all of it!

Sardar Reuben Singh matches his Turbans with his Rolls Royce car fleet, taking accessorizing to the next level! While ordinary folks like us are content with matching our bags/briefcases/wallets etc. with our shoes, Singh made boss moves to ensure that his peers put some RESPEK on his name!

His motives were not entirely out of vanity. Rumor has it that another English businessman mocked Singh's turban, and in response, Singh boasted that he would match his turban and Rolls Royce for every single day of the week (he bought them in grey, white, red, burgundy, yellow, brown and black) - and shut the haters all the way down!

Of course, the man never made fun of him again.

Unfortunately, his baller ways didn't last forever. After rising to prominence in the 90s after founding teenage fashion chain, Miss Attitude, in 2007, the former billionaire was forced to declare bankruptcy and sell his company for just £1. Ouch!

He also lost control of his second business, alldayPA. His parents currently control the company and have kept him in employment, so he's still eating good!

The pictures were initially posted last Sunday on Facebook by Indian vegetarian bodybuilder, Varinder Guhman. The post then went viral, with over 1800 shares, and spawning a slew of articles online.

Did the former "British Bill Gates" come through with some legendary boss moves or he just ball himself all the way to bankruptcy?