PEW STUDY: 1/4 Of BLACK MEN Choose WHITE Women!!

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A new PEW study found that Black men are intermarrying at the highest rate of almost any racial group. The only group that chose interracial marriages at a higher rate, are Asian women.

The study looked at interracial relationships, and suggested that if the current trend continued, we will cross a threshold where more than 50% of Black men choose non-Black wives. At that point, it could be said, that Black men will "prefer" White women to Black women.

The study suggested that the "preference" threshold point could happen as early as 2026. 

Here's what is being said:

Among newlyweds, for example, 24 percent of African American men are marrying someone of a different race or ethnicity, compared with 12 percent of black women. While the overall intermarriage rates have increased for blacks of each gender, the gap between genders is “long-standing,” the Pew researchers said.

Besides marriage, the same PEW study also said that:

Research has shown that men in the United States are generally less religious than women. And while this pattern holds true among black Americans – black women tend to be more religious than black men – black men are still a highly religious group. In fact, black men are not only more religious than white men, but they also tend to be more religious than white women, a Pew Research Center analysis shows. Black men are also more religious than Hispanic men and at least as religious as Hispanic women on a number of key indicators of religious observance.