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Gabrielle Burnett is accused of shooting 

A beautiful Atlanta college student named Daeja Craddick was shot in the back by another woman, causing her to lose control of the vehicle while driving. Daeja crashed her car, and as a result of her injuries is paralyzed.

Police have charged a woman named Gabrielle Burnett with the shooting. She's been charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Deanna and Michael Craddick Daeja's parents spoke to Channel 2 Action News about the incident, which lodged a bullet in their daughter Daeja’s spine.

“It’s just devastating,” Deanna Craddick said, trying to hold back tears. “No one should ever get that call. No one.” She continued, “At this point, they’re unsure if she’ll be able to walk again. We’re just kind of waiting to see what happens,” Deanna Craddick said. “Her spirits were pretty good, but she still has nightmares about what happened.”

According to officers, Daueja had a "brief encounter" with Gabrielle before the shooting. Detectives are trying to figure out what exactly caused the shooting.

Police allege that Daeja told investigators she was on her way to pick up her boyfriend when another woman shot her. Some online speculation suggests that Gabrielle may have been romantically interested in Daeja's boyfriend.

“There have been some inconsistencies in the story. We’re trying to determine actually what happened,” one detective said.