Stripper Suffers CONCUSSION . . . Pole Accident On Set Of Young Dolph New Video!! (VID)

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A stripper on Young Dolph's video set suffered massive concussion - while attempting to twerk upside down.

The dancer is recovering from what is being called a "massive" concussion After she had a horrible stripper pole accident, on the set of rapper Young Dolph's new video. The dancer was twerking upside down on the pole, when she fell and hit her head.

In the video, which you can see below, the girl was dancing on a mobile stripper pole. The pole was secured only on one end - and it did not appear to be properly balanced.


The girl attempted a very difficult pole maneuver - called the" upside down suicide twerk" - and she nearly lost her life. The pole shifted, and she fell crashing to the ground. And the back of her head slammed on the concrete floor.

We're told that the young lady was taken to the hospital for observation. She's expected to make a full recovery.

Here is the link to the video:


Surprisingly Young Dolph himself has had a few brushes with death, too. Back in 2016, Dolph was shot outside the Loews Hollywood hotel in LA. He fell down, got back up and stumbled into a shoe shop to call for help. “I knew I was shot one time, but I didn’t know I was shot three times: two in the leg, and one in the arm,” Dolph says. “I saw so much blood coming out, and I sat up against the wall. I really was paranoid because I didn’t know if I was dehydrated or whatnot, from drinking [codeine-laced cocktail] lean.”