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Actress Storm Reid Now Looks VISIBLY LIGHTER SKINNED . . . Since Blowing Up . . . In Hollywood!!


Actress Storm Reid is now one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood. Her latest film, A Wrinkle In Time, did big numbers at the box office. But fans of Storm are wondering if something is GOING ON with the young actress.

You see, many are claiming that the actress appears to be getting "lighter skinned" - as she gains fame in Hollywood.

Maybe it's just puberty. And children often change complexion over the years. It's perfectly normal for children to get a shade or two darker or lighter as they grow.

Despite the speculation, most of her fans were supportive of her and showed her a lot of love.

"This marvelous young woman holds an inner glow that radiates every fascinating and remarkable color that she embraces on her body last night. She’ll forever shine like the stars in the sky. @stormreid"

"Tell me the secrets of your flawless skin!"

"I can't stop looking at this photo you look like you are accepting your crown right now 😤💗"

"oh my you are stunning . i look up to you more than you know . you are making a difference in this work and inspiring kids to be themselves and to show the world how great each and everyone is . keep being you gorgeous girl ."

Here she was at last night's Kid's Choice Awards.