MTO News has some sad news for all the fans of the hit A&E series Storage Wars - word on the street is that Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz have split. The couple had been together for nearly 20 years, but never married.

We're told that the producers of the new season of Storage Wars are working on a "new storyline" that concerns Brandi and Jarrod's relationship. But MTO News' snitch refused to confirm or deny the split between the popular reality couple.

But a quick look at Brandi's Instagram, seems to confirm the split. For the past few months Brandi has been living a very "single-like" life. She has pics of herself on winery tours, boating excursions, and trips to Las Vegas - and none of them are with Jared.

Here are some pics:

It's important to note, this is Brandi's first time ever posting a photo in a bikini. By flaunting her assets, the reality TV star is sending strong "single and ready to mingle" vibes. We can also assume the wedding plans are off, as Brandi is not wearing her engagement ring in any of the photos. The last sign of a ring on her Instagram was in November of 2018. If the rumors read to be true, what will this mean for the show? Will both stars remain on the cast list?

Brandi and Jarrod have two children together: daughter Payton Schulz and son Cameron Schulz.