STEVIE J'S SNITCHING . . . He's SPILLING TEA . . . Turns Out The Puerto Rican Princess Isn't PUERTO RICAN . . . And She's 40 YEARS OLD!! (Her Accent Is FAKE??)


Stevie J went to court yesterday to ask for a judge to issue a RESTRAINING ORDER against Joseline Hernandez. And in order to try and get the judge to agree, Stevie started SNITCHING. He basically told the judge all of her LIES. Stevie told the judge:

- He and Joseline were NEVER legally married
- Joseline is NOT really Puerto Rican, she's faking it
- Her name is Shenellica Juneann Bettencourt
- Joseline is likely STILL MARRIED to someone else
- Joseline is 39 years old and will be 40 later this year.

Yes according to Stevie, Joseline's not really PUERTO RICAN. He also claims that her accent is NOT natural - she's faking it. Nothing else that he said surprises us EXCEPT THIS. You mean to tell us that she's been FAKING ALL THIS TIME????? Lawd almighty!!