Stevie J's SIDE CHICK Is 8 Months Pregnant . . . Faith Evans Married Into A MESS!!!

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Yesterday MTO News broke the report - that Faith Evans and Stevie J were married in Las Vegas. But now we have some MORE tea on Faith's new relationship.

You see, Stevie J has a baby on the way by his side chick. You see, Stevie has been messing around with a pretty young Atlanta woman named Misha. And Misha claims that she's pregnant with Stevie's Child. According to Misha, she and Stevie have been together now for more than a year - in a JUMPOFF type relationship.

And Misha has receipts too. She told folks that her due date is in October, and that she plans on taking Steve to court for child support.

Here are the receipts that Misha provided:


AND in addition, Stevie's ex Joseline definitely had something to say about his new marriage:

Joseline shared a screenshot of a text message conversation between her and a person who was saved under "A--hole" in her phone — and judging by the nature of their convo, it seemed like that person was Stevie. The messages were dated on June 17, and Stevie allegedly wrote "Will you marry me?" and Joseline responded, "I’m actually trying to marry someone else I really like. I’m sorry. I tried it with you. I’m liking some one else a lot."