'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' star Stevie J is reportedly upset with his baby mama Joseline Hernandez after she claimed that he has not seen their daughter, Bonnie Bella in a year.

Joseline also claimed that Stevie's new wife, Faith Evans, pays his child support.

“Stevie is furious that Joseline is making these hurtful claims,” a source told Hollywood Life. 

“In no way has he turned his back on his daughter, he loves his little girl. He’s adamant that it hasn’t been a year since he’s seen Bonnie Bella and he says Joseline’s attacking him because she’s jealous he’s so happy with Faith. He knows it drives Joseline crazy that he’s happily married, and he’s moved on. Stevie feels Joseline is jealous that she’s not the one he married, so she’s trying any way she can to cause trouble in his marriage. Why else would she drag Faith into it? She’s just reaching because she’s unhappy.”

Stevie was angered by a comment that Joseline left under Mimi's current girlfriend, of Tamera “Ty” Young's post. After Ty referred to him as an "Instagram daddy" Joseline chimed in with:

 “And not too (sic) mention he has not seen Bonnie Bella for 1 year. Faith pays her child support. And he did not even buy anything or call Bonnie Bella for her birthday.”

Child support issues have plagued Stevie for years. We think it's highly likely that what Joseline is saying is the truth.