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Stevie J has reportedly filed for full custody of his daughter, Bonnie Bella, who he shares with ex, Joseline Hernandez, and claims that Joseline is keeping Bonnie from him.

According to BOSSIP, Stevie is claiming Joseline committed “parental alienation” and that she will not allow him to have visitation.

“The respondent (Joseline) has engaged in acts of parental alienation, prohibiting the minor child from visiting with the petitioner. Specifically, the petitioner (Stevie J) has been prohibited from visiting with the minor child on the first, third, and fifth weekends each calendar month as stipulated in the consent order. The respondent even denied visitation with the respondent on five separate occasions after the petitioner travel to Miami, Florida to exercise parenting time with the minor child,” the court papers obtained by HL read.

According to Stevie, Joseline is living with a man at least half of the time:

“The petitioner believes that the respondent is living with the minor child in Miami, Florida on a part-time basis with a male companion.”