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Stevie J FIRED From Love & Hip Hop - Put HANDS On Erica . . . Called Son A 'F*GGOT'


MTO News learned that last night Love & Hip Hop producers FIRED Stevie J from the show - and have BANNED him from future activities connected with the VH1 series. This occurred after a DISTURBING meltdown on the set of the REUNION SHOW last night.

We're told that Love & Hip Hop's firing of Stevie is "pending further investigation." They're reviewing the video footage to determine what FINAL steps that they can do under his contract.

What happened? Well MTO News is hearing reports that Stevie appeared to ASSAULT  Erica Mena - and allegedly went on a disturbing hate filled tirade against her - and her 11 year old son. Stevie appeared to called the innocent young man a "f*ggot."


The incident was so bad that SECURITY had to pull Stevie off of Erica - and force him to leave the building.

Here's Erica revealing account of what happened:

The reunion show was filled with drama - as most reunion shows are - but what happened last night was CRAZY. Security had to be called in - to pull Stevie and Erica APART from each other.

Here's an eyewitness account of what happened:


Shortly after the reunion show stopped filming - Stevie continued on his VIOLENT SPREE.

He and Brittany later PULLED UP at an event where Jhonni Braze was performing - and they BEAT her up too.