Love & Hip Hop star Stevie J. is spilling some 1990s R&B tea this morning, regarding the popular group Jodeci. Stevie helped produce hit songs for Devante Swing (of Jodeci) then Swing Mob artists, Missy Elliot, Jodeci, Ginuwine, Tweet, Timbaland, and others. 

Stevie recently appeared on the popular podcast The Drink Champs, and he made the allegation that Devante from Jodeci used to abuse all his artists - including female rapper Missy Elliot.

According to Stevie J., Devante Swing was good friends with infamous Death Row record mogul Suge Knight and he tried to mimic Suge Knight’s style of violently ‘managing’ his artists.

According to Stevie, one day in a NYC recording studio - Devante walked in with his cousin, bodyguards, and two pit bulls on a leash and then walked up to each of his artists and started smacking them hard, one by one. Stevie claims that he watched as Devante smacked Missy Elliott hard in the face, then Ginuwine, Timbaland, and so on! 

Stevie claims that Devante’s cousin went behind him and smacked them again, while they stood there and did nothing.


When the abuse ended, Stevie told Ginuwine, Missy, Timbaland and the others, that they were stupid if they continued to stay signed to Devante’s label and let him treat them like that. Soon after, they all left Devante’s label and went solo.