Stevie J And Faith Sign New $5M Deal . . . With Mona Scott And VH1 . . . For NEW SHOW!!

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Last week Stevie J and Faith Evans got secretly married. Well now they're cashing in on their nuptials. MTO News learned that Faith and Stevie just signed a new $5M contact with super-producer Mona Scott and her production team, for a new reality show featuring the two of them.

The show, which already began filming - is slated to be called " Faith & Stevie". We're told that VH1 already GREENLIT the show and everyone is rushing to get it out before the end of the year.

Looks like Stevie's about to have the $$ to pay off his child support after all.

But it kind of makes you wonder - was Stevie and Faith's marriage real, or is it just some BUSINESS ARRANGEMENT. Whatever it is . . . no doubt their marriage was a GOOD business move.

Reports are saying that the relationship is LOPSIDED and that Faith isn't equal to Stevie in the relationship. At least now she's getting some cash to make up for it.

According to HotNewHipHop, "Recently, Stevie J showed off a new face tattoo in honor of his wife, Faith Evans. Now that Evans has been flaunting her own ink, their commitment seems to be slightly lopsided. Stevie got Faith's initials, FRJ, on his face near his ear. The small letters look flimsy beside the date engraved above his wife's collarbone: VII.XVII.MMXVIII.

Faith Evans' body art commemorates the couple's marriage, as indicated in the caption that came along with her Instagram. The Roman numerals stand for their wedding date, July 17, 2018.