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The entire Harvey family was in Italy last night, to celebrate the family matriarch Marjorie Harvey's birthday.

Well almost the entire Harvey family. Steve's twin daughters Brandi and Karli, were conspicuously absent from the Harvey family dinner. Depending on who you ask - they were either not invited, or refused to come.

Marjorie celebrated her 55th birthday - by flying almost the entire Harvey family to Italy for a special dinner. Steve's twin daughters weren't there - because they reportedly don't get along with Marjorie.

One insider close to the Harveys explained to MTO News, "The twins and Marjorie have issues - I don't know how serious it is. But there are definitely issues there."

Here's a picture of the dinner last night:

This isn't the first time that Marjorie has excluded Brandi and Karli from Harvey family outings. Last Christmas, Marjorie created a Harvey family Christmas video - and she didn't include Brandi or Karli in it.