Steven Speilberg's Black Daughter: I Was 'Abused' As A Child! (ONLYFANS Pics)


Director Steven Spielberg's adopted Black daughter Mikaela Spielberg has been making news this year. A few months ago, MTO News reported that Mikaela announced that she was pursuing a career in adult entertainment with her parents' blessing.

Here is Mikaela's ONLYFANS link

Now Mikaela is dropping another bombshell. The 24-year-old claims that more a decade ago, when she was 14, she suffered from "emotional abuse at home."


Mikaela also claims that her family has been conspiring with the media to ruin her porn career.

In a post on Instagram that MTO News uncovered, Mikaela claims the media has been purposely using old photos of her, which cast her in a less appealing light. She claims that at the time that the pictures were taken, she being "emotionally abused" at home. According to Mikaela, the media is doing this in an effort to show disinterest in her as a sex symbol. 

Mikaela also implies her family has been encouraging the media to use bad photos to help derail her career.

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Here is Mikaela's ONLYFANS link