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Steve Stoute: I Don't Want Black People Voting for Kanye West

Steve Stoute is not a fan of Kanye West's presidential run -- and says he does not want Black people voting for him.

Steve Stoute isn't a fan of Kanye West's decision to run for president.

"I don't want Black people voting for Kanye West. I don't want anybody Black running around voting for Kanye West. If you're gonna vote for Donald Trump and you choose Kanye West instead of Donald Trump, great,"," Stoute said in a recent episode of The Boardroom: Out of Office podcast. 

"That will help the Biden campaign. But I don't want Black people who were thinking about voting for Biden, voting for Kanye West, in the markets, in the areas that he's registered as a candidate. That's going to hurt us."

Ye is only on the ballot in eight states: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Vermont, Utah, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Idaho. It is near impossible for him to actually win -- something he has admitted himself.